Mime, is a French artist living in Paris. After studying art market design
and contemporary art, he decides to try his hand at collage. Self-taught, his new hobby soon
becomes a veritable obsession. Mime draws his resources from his travels, and his numerous
visits to second-hand libraries. He browses, sources, skims, cuts, clips, trims, hides and glues
visages and busts from all time periods, all eras. Mime’s work represents his mood, or
experiences that have left their mark on him in some way. His chief inspirations: Egyptian
aesthetics, antiquity, architecture both past and present, and his contemporary human
experiences. The subjects of his collages all originate from second-hand books. There is -as of
now- no digital intervention on any his works.



“I’m a being attached to the flaws inherent to humankind. We are all much the same: we
make mistakes, we feel vices, at times give in to them, and we correct our flaws as best we can.
Humankind delights me, enlightens me, wounds me, no longer surprises me, and at times
forgives me… as I can sometimes forgive anyone -without any religious principles. I strive to
transcribe these flaws through my experiences, my life, leaving a blue patch as a mirror, a
witness to the scene. Antique civilizations inspire me and serve as my subjects, representing
identities both universal and eternal in a contemporary context. Are these Greco-Roman statues
and Egyptian sculptures really devoid of any flaws? How would they react in today’s world?
Through all these inspirations and my own experiences, I feel the need to confront and to unite
these two different worlds…
On a simple sheet of paper, I found my solution: collage.”

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